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Manufacturing Support

Manufacturing Support

“Value Added Services” are very important functions that we offer to our customers. Often these services are actually manufacturing jobs that are performed by the warehouse. This allows very valuable manufacturing space and time at the plant locations to “make the best chemicals in the world” instead of doing material handling related jobs.

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Value Added Services

These functions include jobs like material re-containerization (repacking), repalletization, sampling, material (bag) conditioning, drum refurbishment (painting blemishes), and relabeling.

Extending the general warehouse services normally performed in our warehouses to our customer’s plant warehouse sites has been successful. We have consolidated plant warehouses into our warehouse. In most cases there are certain safety stocks and packaging supplies that should be stored at the plant. We have domiciled senior warehouse operators on site at the plants to perform general warehouse duties like receipts of packaging supplies and raw materials directly from vendors. Again, this allows the customer to focus on manufacturing the best chemicals in the world!

Manufacturing Support
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