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Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and Logistics

Transportation, warehousing and logistics coordination all work together in the successful organization. We can be the business partner who works within these areas to help homogenize the functions into a smoothly operating organization.

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Our customer’s select the inbound and outbound carrier that best fit their requirements. This may be with the assistance of a freight forwarder or a transportation management firm. It may be the last leg of the move that brought their inventory from an international point of manufacture to our warehouse. It may be the first leg of the trip that will move the material to the end user. All of these movements require coordination. This coordination might be receiving a call that will schedule the goods receipt at our warehouse. It may be in the form of communicating weeks in advance to plan export shipments in time to meet ocean carriers. It may be a phone call to a local dispatcher coordinating today’s pick ups.

Coordination also includes the assignment of carrier Pro numbers and the tracking of this information.

Our teams of Customer Service professionals handle all of these functions and insure that your goods arrive and depart on the schedule you dictate.

Transportation and Logistics
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