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Warehouse Management Systems

Warehouse Management Systems

In today’s world we have found that it is important to become versed in multiple Warehouse Management Systems.

For the customer who does not operate their own WMS or the situation where a stand alone WMS is needed we have our own fully functional system. We can offer all of the features needed in today’s warehouse environment and have the ability to interface with your WMS.

We have experienced efficiency from both interfacing electronically our WMS with our customer and also from simply operating within our client’s WMS.

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The Chemical Industry has almost exclusively adopted SAP as the enterprise management system of choice. SAP has strengths and weaknesses that are recognized across the logistics world. We have embraced this by becoming “super users” in the SAP system. Each customer who operates SAP has made modifications to customize it to their needs....but underneath is the same SAP platform.

This enables us to offer Warehouse Management support at any level. We can offer a complete package. We can work exclusively within your system. We can interface your system with our system.

The importance of either operating within your system or interfacing the two is to efficiently step through the order management process while providing for real inventory on hand updates of both systems as simultaneously as possible. If there are two systems operating, one is updated first. This can leave an out of balance situation if the second system isn’t updated immediately. Realizing this has led us to appreciate the benefit of operating within the client’s system or electronically linking the two.

We can solve this problem for your organization.

Warehouse Management Systems
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